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Have you problem when you are using, then you probably can find the answer here. Can't you find the answer here you are welcome to contact
If you have problems with modification that not is working on your own equipment, contact author or use the forum. If you contact you should not expect an answer.

Yaesu - FT-897D

Typical errors:

Other question:


Login failure with the correct password

Q: When I login it tells me that me that the email address or password is not correct.

Make sure that the entered email address and password it 100% correct. If you have forgot you password then request your password.

If you still have trouble, then refresh / reload (F5) the browser window when you get the login failure.
Some time if you have enter a wrong email address or password and you next time enter the correct one, some browser (depend of the settings in your browser and the browser) load the temporary internet files from your own computer instead the files from the internet, and this is why this error occur.

An alternative solution can also be that you cleanup the temporary internet files and delete the cookie file from your computer. Remember only to remove the cookie file, since other cookie files can be from other webpage's and can contain important informations.

Login successful but login error when access a page

Q: I have made a successful login, but when I access another page e.g. article, manual or picture it tell me "login failure" or the "system can not identify you".

This problem typical occur because your have probably access the same page previously where you not has been login or registered. After the login or registration where you access the page again your browser is loading the page from your computer instead from the webpage.

To solve this problem refresh / reload (F5) the page when you get the error.

An alternative solution is to cleanup temporary internet files.

I do not receive any message when I signup for a new account

If you not received any message when you signup for a new account, there can more failures.

First of all make sure you have entered the correct mail address. The address you have entered is displayed on the next page so you can verify the address. Also check that you not have SPAM filter on your computer where the message can be cats into.

If still not received any message the problem is typical that you message has been stop of your providers SPAM filter. sends many messages out each day, and regularly also send newsletter letter to thousands of members. Because that heavy message traffic some providers SPAM filter detect message from as SPAM even they not are SPAM. We at can not do anything about that this is the price for the wonderful internet.

So if you still not received the message from then check that your provider not has a SPAM filter that can block the message, also if you grand the SPAM filter then add to the white list.

Another solution could be to use another e-mail address that is located on another provider.

The general use, and cookies? is designed to be view in Internet explore 5.5 or above. If you are using Netscape or Opera you should not have any problems. On the design are build on HTML 4.01, CSS and JavaScript. If you have problem to view, you should upgrade your browser to the newest. Here you can see a picture how looks in Internet Explore (Windows XP), in Internet Explore (Windows 7), in Chrome (Windows 7).

It is recommend that you browser window is minimum 850 pixel wide, if you are using smaller window, you some time will experiences that you have to scroll horizontal. also using cookies. Some have disable cookies of security reason, but if you want to use then you must have cookies enable. The reason for why uses cookies is that to use you must register with e-mail and password. The e-mail and password are stored in the cookies so you don't have to login every time you use
If you are using Internet Explore and you have disable cookies you can enable cookies only for, by add as a trusted site in internet options. Here you can test if cookies are enabled.

Cookies are also used to save your name, so when you contact a user with the contact form you don't have to write your name and e-mail address.

Where is the login button?

You will see that there is no login button on The reason for this is that when you acess for the first time you need to create an account and then you login. When you have made a successful login your login details is save on your computer so when you access next time you not need to login again.

Anyway if you have trouble and need login manually again, then go to

How do I logout?

To make the use of so easy as possible we have decided that no logout button is available. When you login the first time the login details is saved on your computer, so next time you access you computer will remember your login details.

Some time especially if you not are on you own computer or use a publish computer it can be a good thing to logout out, so other not can abuse your account. In such cases, go to My account in the left side and click on the logout button. Then the password is removed from the computer and no other can use your account unless they have your password.

Note, the stored password on the computer is encrypted, so if some try to read the password from the local computer hard drive then will not be able to read your password, only the encrypted password.

How to use the search function?

Have you seen that there are no search button? Yes it has been removed. When you enter the search text just hit ENTER, it is more natural you use ENTER, than you should use your mouse and point it to the search button.

The search function is very smart and intelligence. The search function is not case sensitive, you can use uppercase or lowercase as you like.

You can search for a unique article number just enter the article number, you can also search for a unique model number, like Yaesu FT-470, just enter 'ft-470' and hit ENTER.

Will you search for a specific word or maybe more words just enter the words with space between each word. E.g. you want to search for all articles that contain FT-470 and PACKET, just enter 'ft-470 packet', and then you will see all article that contain these two words.

The search function is not case sensitive, this mean that if you type in upper og lower case, it will not have any influence for the search result, so type you 'yaesu expanded' or 'YAESU EXPANDED' it will give the same result.

Search in the forum.

If you are in the forum, then the search field search in the forums messages. You only search global in the forum, this mean that you can't search for at specify model or message number.

Else it is the same rules describe above when you type one or more words in the search field.

View DJVU files I have download from

Have you download a file, where the extension end with DJVU and you have problem to read the file - don't worry it is very easy to view the file.

DJVU is a format some program save files in, when they have scan a paper. DJVU is very good, becaus the high resolution and the low space.

To view the DJVU file, you can download the ACDSee from ACD Systems homepage.

Download manuals?

Depend on your member shipment on, the number of manuals that you can download will vary. See the donate info page for how much you can download of manuals.

Yaesu - FT-897D

Best result when you scan a manual?

If you want to scan a manual, schematic or other paper document, I have here make a small guide that can help you to get the best result with a minimum of space.

It is no problem to make a very good quality scan, but if you not are using the optimal settings the scanned pages will take to much space. If you are using the incorrect setting, and manual for about 40 pages can fill 200 Mb, but if you using the correct setting the size can be only 5 Mb, and this is without any quality loss.

When you scan a page the best way to save the scanned pages are directly to PDF. This require a PDF write like Adobe Acrobat (not Acrobat Reader, this is only a viewer.). Some program that came with scanners has built in a PDF writer, and this is also OK. Have you not the opportunity to save directly in PDF the best format to save is TIFF or BMP. When you save in TIFF or BMP the paper size will be the same when you scan in 300 dpi or another resolution. Some times when you save in TIFF or BMP the file can be bigger than a GIF or JPG, but when the TIFF or BMP files is converted to PDF the size is reduced (especially when you using two colours) and the paper size is still the same. If you save in TIFF or BMP you can pack the files with ZIP or RAR to reduce the size, and then you can sent the files to

Before you scan a paper look at the paper to see what the contents are.

  • If the papers you will scan include only text, scan the paper in two colours with 300 dpi in resolution.

  • If the papers you will scan include text and drawing or schematic, scan in two colours with 300 dpi in resolution.

  • If the papers you will scan include schematic with few colours (normal red) scan in 16 colours with 200 dpi in resolution.

  • If the papers you will scan include schematic with few colours (normal red) scan in 16 colours with 200 dpi in resolution. If you reduce the colours you may increase the resolution to 200 or 300 dpi, depend on the numbers of colours you are using.

  • If the papers you scan include photos in colours scan in 256 colours with 150 dpi.

If you have a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or similar and you have saved the scanned pages in TIFF or BMP, it can be an advantage to reduce the colours in pages that are scan in more than two colours. If you have scan a greyscale photo in 256 greyscale colours, many times it can be reduce to 16 colours with a minimum of quality loss, but still the same resolution.

If you are using these setting the result will be good, and with a minimal size of the file. Of course you can use higher setting and this will give a better result, but the size of the file will increase very fast, and will in many times recompile the file to reduce the file size.

Information about the newsletter.

If you want to receive the latest news from you must subscribe the newsletter. When you are subscribe to the newsletter you will get information about new modification and existing modification that has been updated. You will also get information if some new function on is introduced.

You will received a newsletter 5 - 10 times every year.

When you subscribe the newsletter on your email address will not be give away to other, the email address will only be available for

To secure that you still are interested to subscribe the newsletter from you will be contacted by e-mail for every 2 years and confirm that you still are interested to subscribe the newsletter. This secures that old and outdated e-mail address not exist in the newsletter email list.

Vote an article, how it works.

You can vote all articles, and when you vote an article then you help other by transfer your experience in a very simple form. By rate the article from 1 to 5 other users can then see if the article is good, pore or some thing between.

It is important when you vote that you are serious, so give always your correct vote, if you not do that, then you cheat other users, and they will get a wrong impressing of the article since the votes are wrong. When you vote an article always vote for the technical view, do not give the article a poor rating because the article maybe are poor spelled, all articles are written by users that contribute the site.

You can only vote an article one time. This is to protect the vote system been abused, so before you vote always select the correct rating before you vote.

The vote system is only a guide that is based other others experience. The truth of other experience can vary very much, so even an article is high or low rated then always take you safety before you make a modification.

Below you can see a text description of the rates number and what they mean.

Rating no. Short text. Long description.
1 Useless The article is useless, is dos not work and something is wrong with the article.
2 Not good The article is not good, it gives some improvements and extra function, but not as expected.
3 OK The article can be used, and are OK, but are very difficult to do
4 Very good This is a good article but is a little difficult to do.
5 Fantastic This is a very good article everyting works and are very easy to do.

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