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06 Apr 2013LCD Display showing only top half on IC-2200H
04 Mar 2013Tx power drop on IC-2200
24 Dec 2010IC-2200H To enable Fm narrow select
10 Nov 2009Icom IC-2200H Airband (AM) audio level modification
02 Oct 2008The HM133V microphone fail to work with certain noisy SMPS!!
11 Apr 2007Icom IC-2200H Mic output modification
11 Apr 2007Icom IC-2200H TX preamp modification
07 Jun 2005IC-2200H MOD for extended RX/TX range
28 May 2005Expand receive for IC-2200 (EUR)
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Date Author Subject
1. 11 May 2013 kennedy ferguson (0) modification View article
2. 28 Dec 2010 Randal Dean (1) FM Narrow Select View article
3. 05 Jan 2010 dan trippy (1) tx pre-amp modification View article
4. 05 Aug 2009 Pat Sadavongvivad (0) IC2200 remain transmit after PTT button released View article
5. 17 Apr 2009 Michael Davis (0) Mods for ic 2200 View article
6. 20 Jan 2009 Mike Elcsisin (0) Location of diodes View article
7. 19 Dec 2008 shaun keves (1) IC-2200 RX/TX mod
8. 16 Sep 2008 Anonymous (0) block frequncy 144-148 ic-2200
9. 25 Apr 2008 Thomas Val (0) CS-2200H
10. 19 Oct 2007 Rooster Cogburn (1) affect of sub zero temps on IC-2200H
11. 11 Apr 2007 Mike Schwendeman (0) IC-2200H Deviation setting
12. 21 Mar 2007 Howard Z (4) Wrong mod for the 2200H View article
13. 05 Mar 2007 your name (0) IC2200H extend TX and RX
14. 14 Jun 2006 ray sellen (2) receive problems

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