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14 Jun 2016TS-850sat ATU don´t start tuning procedure, AT-TUNE-LED continues to light
02 Nov 2013TS-850S CAT interface
11 May 2009Replacing the ALC DC-DC-Converter TS-850S
28 Sep 2008TS-850S/AT failure to key FSK shift
15 Sep 2008TS-850 PLL Board Problem. All dots in display and CW from Speaker.
12 Sep 2008Memory Battery Replacement for Kenwood TS-850SAT
10 Jun 2008Malfunction at memory switch Kenwood TS-850S
02 Feb 2008Intermittent operation of the Carrier Unit on the TS850S
17 Jan 200850KHz to 3000KHz AM reception
01 Nov 2007TS-850S. Oscillations on all circuits
02 Oct 2006Kenwood TS-850S dark display.
21 Jul 2005TS-850S Broadcast Station Imaging across bands
28 Nov 2003TS-850 fan speed modification
01 Nov 2003TS-850s noise blanker mod
11 Jun 2003Noise Blanker Mod Kenwood TS-850
11 May 2003TS850s alc problem
26 Jun 2002A Band Decoder for the Kenwood TS-850 HF-Transceiver
24 Jul 2001TS-850 2nd RX output mod
14 Jun 2001Full transmit for the UK version of TS-850S
23 Apr 2000TS-850S "Click noise" with NOTCH ON
23 Apr 2000TS-850S No audio from VS-2
23 Apr 2000TS-850S Mixer FET change
22 Apr 2000TS-850S Low/no Receive sensitivity
22 Apr 2000TS-850S Distorted TX w/TNC connected
22 Aug 1999TS850 + Transverter oder Preselektor
31 Mar 1999Modification for External keying, while using the internal keyer
31 Mar 1999TS-850 Separate Receive Antenna Modification
31 Mar 1999TS-850 Separate RX antenna input mod
31 Mar 1999The switch box
31 Mar 1999Computer Interface for the TS-850, without using the IF-232 Level Converter
31 Mar 1999TS-850 Power Output Control
31 Mar 1999TS-850 Level Attenuator for DRU-2 playback audio
19 Jul 1998TS-850S All band transmit
19 Jul 1998TS-850S Broadcast Band Sensitivity
19 Jul 1998TS-850S Additional Front Panel Functions
19 Jul 1998TS-850? ACC-2 audio problem
19 Jul 1998Step by step instructions to disable the broadcast band attenuation for TS-850S
19 Jul 1998Adjustable moni. on CW, TS-850S
19 Jul 1998TS-850 service manual, error corection
19 Jul 1998TS-850S and speaker/headph
19 Jul 1998TS-850 and Ten-Tec Titan 425 PA
19 Jul 1998KAM-PLUS Problems!! with TS-450 & 850
19 Jul 1998TS-450,TS-850 feedback,ACC-2 Conn
19 Jul 1998TS-850S observations
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Date Author Subject
1. 16 Apr 2017 Joel Kuyper (0) USB Cat Control board for TS 850. Where To Get View article
2. 08 May 2016 Serge (0) Need help for my 850S
3. 05 May 2014 Joe (0) Error also DSP 3 plug View article
4. 04 Jan 2014 John Occolowitz (1) Simple level converter for TS-850. View article
5. 07 Apr 2011 rick trim (0) re swr on all frequencies
6. 02 Feb 2008 Adriaan de Bruyn (0) Intermittent operation of the Carrier Unit
7. 02 Sep 2007 John Oesterling (0) D16 View article
8. 28 Mar 2007 Sergey Pestrjakov (0)
9. 19 Feb 2007 michele farro (0) drm
10. 24 Oct 2005 Roar (0) Kenwood TS-850S enable 100w on 160m band
11. 14 Jul 2005 ki4gin (0) TS850 NB mod easier View article
12. 02 Jul 2005 Anonymous (0) This mod produces a lot of splatter, Dont Do it! View article
13. 08 Feb 2004 adshar64 (0) dc-dc View article
14. 02 Nov 2003 Jochen Heilemann (0) Remove capacitors - not diodes !! View article
15. 05 Sep 2003 Adrian (0) 136 khz access? View article
16. 03 Sep 2003 Fred - G0 AOJ (0) TS850 TX Modification View article
17. 06 Aug 2003 Keith (0) DC-DC converter (X59-1100-00) View article
18. 05 Jul 2003 Alan J. Masson, K6PSP (0) Modifying the US version of the TS-850SAT. View article
19. 17 Jun 2003 Jaye (1) Full TX on the Kenwood TS-850s View article
20. 29 Aug 2002 Max VE3TMT (1) Diode not needed in D position View article
21. 09 May 2002 Stefan DL6NCY (0) Cinch vs BNC View article

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