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20 Sep 2011TS-830S Intermittent Display problem
11 Aug 2011Kenwood TS830s - Easy fix to make it work on 27Mhz
07 Aug 2011TS-830S - No modulation, sidetone and breaking-in CW operation
14 Jul 2010TS-830 relay modification
17 Aug 2009Kenwood TS-830 repair: Sidetone & Break-in problem
22 Aug 2007Tuning the valves for Kenwood TS-830S
01 Jan 2007TS-830S Difficult AGC fault
18 Sep 2005TS-830 External VFO switching problem
07 Aug 2005Kenwood TS-830S Display Problem
14 Sep 2002TS-830 RIT/XIT modifications
30 Sep 2001TS-830S Frequency Drift - "FIX" switch
19 May 2001TS-830 Frequency Drift
08 Apr 2000TS-830S Transmitter "Talkback"
08 Apr 2000TS-830S Noise Blanker Optional Improvements
02 Apr 2000TS-830S Low voltage Supply Optional Improvements
02 Apr 2000TS-830S Operation on 240V AC
24 Jan 1999Kenwood TS-830 filter modification
19 Jul 1998TS-830S Frequency Shift
19 Jul 1998Amtor modification
19 Jul 1998Warc modification
19 Jul 1998VFO-230 fine tune mod correction
19 Jul 1998TS-830S Low Voltage Supply Optional Improvements
19 Jul 1998Modification to TS-830S, TS-530S
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Date Author Subject
1. 31 May 2013 George Mayo (0) TS830S No ALC
2. 22 Jun 2010 Kenneth Schemmel (0) Warc Bands View article
3. 03 Oct 2009 jeremy george (0) TS830 Sidetone View article
4. 10 Jul 2007 Anonymous (1) Intermitant power output
5. 03 Oct 2006 roger luke (1) freq jump, intermittent
6. 09 Apr 2006 Lewis Wade Thorpe (0) My transmit sounds rippled
7. 08 Jan 2004 julian m0bzq (0) vfo-230 slow tune mod View article
8. 25 May 2003 Steve Gilbert (0) Other sources of frequency jumps View article
9. 21 Apr 2003 AA2OY (0) 830S WARC Mod View article
10. 13 Apr 2003 Ron (0) picture View article
11. 01 Apr 2003 Evan, K9SQG (0) Easier fix for TS-830S frequency jumping View article
12. 05 Jan 2003 Steve Gilbert (0) RTTY/PSK, for TS-830 View article
13. 24 Oct 2002 Kevin M., KC8SFJ (0) Clarification on WARC mod View article

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