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03 Sep 2008Low audio. RX good, TX good for TS-690
22 Sep 2003Making the MC60 Desk Mic useful for CW men.
21 Sep 2003TS-690S mod to allow TX & RX on the 6m skt
09 Aug 2003Kenwood TS-690S TX 27 Mhz
23 Nov 2001Kenwood TS-690 30KHz-60MHhz RX without modding
23 Apr 2000TS-450S/690S Noisy encoder
23 Apr 2000TS-450/690 Low mic gain w/DSP-100
22 Apr 2000TS-450/690 Distorted TX w/TNC
21 Apr 2000TS-450/690 Calibration cable change
26 Sep 1999TS-690S 30KHz-60MHz RX
20 Feb 1999Micro-input RFI modification TS450-TS690 Kenwood
19 Jul 1998General coverage transmisson modiication for the TS-450 and TS-690
19 Jul 1998TS-690 50 MHz modulation problem solved
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Date Author Subject
1. 08 Nov 2014 ZLATKO KRESTELICA (0) tx inhibited
2. 06 Nov 2006 John Rogers (0) Kenwood TS-690S TX 27 Mhz - Careful View article
3. 18 Aug 2005 Anonymous (0) EXTENDED TX ON 40MTRS View article
4. 21 Dec 2004 iw1dfu (0) Just made it!! View article
5. 06 Nov 2003 Keun Hyug, Kwon (0) Let me know more detail View article
6. 21 May 2003 jlagru (0) TS450 and TS690s Power general coverage View article

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