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17 Mar 2014Frequency expansion for Kenwood TR-9130
22 Feb 2006Fixing TR-9000-9130-9500 display boards
16 Feb 2006TR-9130, Front End FET Replacement
29 Aug 2003Trio TR-9130 Switchable low power SSB
19 Jul 1998TR-9130 Low Drive Level
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Date Author Subject
1. 17 Jul 2011 alan ogburn (0) help on the tr-9130
2. 10 Jun 2008 Nick Caine (1) TR9130 144-146 to 144-148 conversion
3. 27 Jan 2007 John Gleed (0) Trio 9130 BC-1 Charger
4. 24 Feb 2006 peter (0) TR9130 4pin Aux connector
5. 06 Sep 2005 david eaton-watts (0) tr-9130 display
6. 01 Aug 2005 KD8BRY (0) Kenwood mike part #??
7. 27 Jan 2005 Peter Loomes (0) Will Not Power Up
8. 26 Jun 2004 mw3yac (5) manual

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