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12 Dec 2006Kenwood TH-79 display fix
05 Jul 2006TH-79A/E modification information
31 Mar 2006Cross Band Repeater Modification for TH-79E
29 Feb 2004Changing the bands (Air-band and Phone-band)
09 Aug 2003Program TH-79 by computer!
29 Oct 2001TH-79 FAQ 3.5 by DG8NGN
28 Oct 2001DTMF-based message translator
03 Jan 1999TH-79 Save function & packet!
19 Jul 1998Cross Band Repeat
19 Jul 1998Post Modification Spec Sheet
19 Jul 1998Remote Base Operation with Kenwood 732/733
19 Jul 1998Kenwood TH-79A(D) Review
19 Jul 1998Umbau TH79e auf 9k6
19 Jul 1998Hidden options TH-79
19 Jul 1998MARS/CAP modification for the new Kenwood TH-79A
19 Jul 1998TH-79A Wide Band Modification
19 Jul 1998TH-79A extended RX and TX range for new radio
19 Jul 1998TH-79 clone memory contense of two radio
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Date Author Subject
1. 16 Jun 2014 enry pozzi (0) th79 display no screen ... View article
2. 27 Jul 2009 Yannick DEVOS (0) Some details for better opening View article
3. 09 Jun 2008 Anonymous (0) 'Kenwood TH-79 display fix'. View article
4. 18 Apr 2007 Clif Holland (0) Hum on TX Signal
5. 20 Aug 2006 Jerry M Cox (0) No Display
6. 11 Apr 2006 Leandro Sordi (0) Display assembly TH-79
7. 07 Feb 2006 Stuart Silk (0) TH-79E X-Band Repeater View article
8. 04 Sep 2004 Terrywu (0) where can i find this software View article
9. 04 Sep 2004 Terrywu (0) where can i find this software View article
10. 29 Jun 2004 DO1ASK (0) TH-79 View article
11. 29 Feb 2004 f1sqg (0) premiere fois
12. 17 Feb 2004 David Yearsley/KG4VYC (0) TH-79A crossband repeat View article
13. 24 Jan 2004 Roger, G4OIE (0) X-band repeat View article
14. 05 Nov 2003 Keun Hyug, Kwon (0) What can i do .. View article
15. 25 Jan 2003 EB2FZY (0) STANDARD C5200 View article

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