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07 Jan 2015Left-Side Receiver Failure Fix on TH-78
28 Nov 2007Volume increment level change for TH-78A
09 Nov 2005Kenwood TH 28/48/78 charging current
05 Aug 2002Crossband-Repeater Mod. It works great!!!
23 Apr 2000TH-78A Microprocessor change
23 Apr 2000TH-28/48/78 Difficult battery insertion
22 Apr 2000TH-78A Call channel tone frequency error (Revised)
22 Apr 2000TH-78A/E Left encoder inoperative
21 Apr 2000TH-78A Clone failure w/ME-1 installed
23 Jan 1999Crossband repeat, extended RX/TX
19 Jul 1998TH78A, USA model don't have 1750 Hz
19 Jul 19989600 Baud FSK-Modifikation f++r das Kenwood TH-78E
19 Jul 1998TH-78 - antenna hints
19 Jul 1998Game Mode
19 Jul 1998Battery life on the TH-78A
19 Jul 1998Potential case design flaw
19 Jul 1998C-17 design flaw
19 Jul 1998Mutually exclusive mods
19 Jul 1998The beyond MARS mod
19 Jul 1998The CAP/MARS mod
19 Jul 1998The extended receive mod
19 Jul 1998The cross-band repeat mod
19 Jul 1998Toggle SHIFT button function
19 Jul 1998Toggle CALL button function
19 Jul 1998Observations on post-mod performance
19 Jul 1998Cloning
19 Jul 1998Cellular Telephones
19 Jul 1998Basics of modifying the Kenwood TH-78a
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Date Author Subject
1. 04 Feb 2007 Martin Storli (0) To change from AM to FM in 340 MHz View article
2. 26 Jul 2005 (2) Th-78 User Manual
3. 05 Oct 2004 Anonymous (0) schematic diagram for th78A kenwood
4. 30 Apr 2004 LU3EBW (0) Mod seemd doesn't work. View article
5. 12 Sep 2002 Danny ON4AID (0) Battery life PB13 View article
6. 13 Jul 2002 Jeroen (0) dead battery th78E View article
7. 29 Dec 2001 DO1MOS (0) Cross-Band-Repeater Operation with bad audio? View article

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