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09 Mar 2010Extended frequency for TH-28A
09 Nov 2005Kenwood TH 28/48/78 charging current
23 Apr 2000TH-28/48/78 Difficult battery insertion
23 Apr 2000TH-28/48A/E CTCSS tone error
19 Jul 1998Secret function manual of the KENWOOD TH-28e/48e porto
19 Jul 1998TH28 Send memory to other radio
19 Jul 1998Accus in BT8 (TH28/48/78)
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Date Author Subject
1. 11 Feb 2015 Ken Woikin (2) Th28a seems to hav e gone mute.
2. 22 Aug 2006 Christian Rocco (0) Tx up 151 Mhz View article
3. 03 Mar 2006 Anonymous (0) kenwood th-28A
4. 03 Mar 2006 Anonymous (0) th-28A View article
5. 09 Aug 2005 macfed@libero.it (0) TH-28E change TX range
6. 12 Jun 2005 Chriscol (0) Number of memories usable
7. 01 Jul 2004 WILLIAM (0) AT28A
8. 19 May 2004 WILLIAM (0) Transmition in UHF
9. 20 Apr 2004 HS4PHJ (0) My problem after modified.
10. 10 Mar 2004 Rajan (0) Wisiling sound in my Th-F28Q
11. 11 Feb 2004 Rajan , Vu3URJ (0) Wisiling sound in my Th-F28Q View article
12. 11 Oct 2003 Mathew, KD6MSI (0) EXCELENT AND EASY! View article
13. 09 Aug 2003 LU4OO (0) Crossband repeating in TH-28 View article
14. 26 Mar 2003 HG5OAP (0) who was the author of this? View article

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