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19 Jun 2016Enabling CTCSS tone generator in IC-275 Europe version - UPDATE of previous article
24 Dec 2014Enabling CTCSS tone generator in IC-275 Europe version
11 Jan 2014IC-275, no SSB or CW RX
30 Jun 2008ICOM IC-275D to IC-275H Conversion
08 May 2005AGC OFF for ICOM 275
22 Jul 2002IC-275H reduced power splattering
29 Oct 1998Splitting into RX- and TX paths
27 Oct 1998SSB RF Gain
27 Oct 1998Very fast AGC
27 Oct 1998Disabling of SBB squelch
27 Oct 1998Modification of cw pass band (BFO)
27 Oct 1998Tuning speed
27 Oct 1998Restoration of pass band tuning
27 Oct 1998Power control modification
27 Oct 1998Frequency range & CTCSS tones
19 Jul 1998IC-275 Freq. steps mod.
19 Jul 1998Band Expand for ICOM IC-275E/H and IC-275A/H
19 Jul 1998IC amplifier oscillates
19 Jul 1998Prevent PLL unlock at high ambient temperature
19 Jul 1998Improve voice synthesizer and side tone audio
19 Jul 1998Prevention of PLL unlock at 174 MHz
19 Jul 1998Improve the stability of the center meter
19 Jul 1998Noise coming from speaker during transmit with audio turned up
19 Jul 1998Eliminate possible spurious emission when thermal switch has turned on during TX
19 Jul 1998PSK Transmit Audio Modification for ICOM IC275 & IC271
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Date Author Subject
1. 02 Mar 2015 Playboy Playboy (0) Icom IC-275H how to do the RX/TX mods
2. 30 Dec 2014 Filippo (0) ICOM UT-34
3. 10 Sep 2011 Zoli (0) IC-275H Rx problem
4. 31 Aug 2008 Jerry Sams (0) 12-volt chasie socket for ic-275-H
5. 27 Apr 2005 hedley Grant (0) How to do the mod View article
6. 23 Sep 2002 Al Glonek...W4ALG (0) ic275h mod.. View article

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