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02 Aug 2007Non-invasive modify for AR3000 remote control
28 Mar 2001Cell Block Mod for AOR AR-3000a
19 Jan 2000AR3000A memory doubling
15 May 1999ar3000/3000A mod FAQ
15 May 1999Replacing the cpu of the AR3000 with that of the AR3000a
15 May 1999Direct (unfiltered) FM discriminator out for the AR3000/A scanner
19 Jul 1998Remove the click whitch is heard throughout HF
19 Jul 1998Removing the cpu muting
19 Jul 1998Narrowing AM to 6kHz for AR-3000
19 Jul 1998Improve the audio for AM/NFM/SSB/CW modes on AR-3000
19 Jul 1998AOR AR-3000 changing priority channel test time
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Date Author Subject
1. 07 Mar 2017 Michel Paille (0) Keypad unfonction
2. 25 Jan 2016 Julian Crewe (0) AR3000 Tuning Varactor loose
3. 21 Oct 2011 CM2ESP (0) Is possible to change AR-3000A IF bandwidth?
4. 26 Aug 2011 Greg Savat (3) Coke Spilled into AOR 3000A Keyboard !!
5. 18 Aug 2010 R Simmonds (0) AOR 3030 SERVICE MANUAL
6. 25 May 2008 Anonymous (0) Cell Block Mod for AOR AR-3000a Plus View article
7. 06 Jan 2006 kingar Lo (0) help Ar-3000A, Jumper J4,,J5,,J11
8. 08 Dec 2005 Enrico (0) works View article
9. 14 Nov 2005 Anonymous (0) AOR3000A Discriminator Modification Pictures
10. 05 Aug 2005 Shaukat Iqbal (2) RMT
11. 03 Jul 2005 Daibach (2) AR 3000A Problems
12. 18 Jan 2005 Phil WIG (2) Logiciel de pilotage pour AR3000A
13. 05 May 2002 Keith (1) Re the AOR AR3000a hiss
14. 01 Mar 2002 peter vd. meijde (0) aor ar3000a View article

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