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25 May 2017144 - 148 and 430 - 450 MHz TX for European version on FT-991
28 Apr 2017Update for FT991 to FT-991A
25 Feb 2017Possible PA FET BIAS issue? on FT-991
12 Jul 2016Add Extra PTT control for foot PTT or EME sequencer on FT-991
10 Feb 2016Bad AM audio quality problem and fix for FT-991
04 Jan 2016NAVILOCK NL-604P GPS mouse connect to serial port to FT-991
27 Dec 2015FT-991 is dead, when connection microphone MH-36
15 Oct 2015Delete "hum" on the TX signal on FT-991 and MH-36E8J
12 May 2015Memory Chanel and Menu Setting Management FREE Software for FT-991 and FTdx1200
09 Mar 2015Service Menu on FT-991
25 Feb 2015EQ setting for great sound on FT-991
13 Jan 2015Frequency Expansion Information on FT-991
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Date Author Subject
1. 02 Jul 2017 Javier Navarro (0) Please, I need to know how to reverse. View article
2. 17 Jun 2017 Javier Navarro (0) configuracio europea View article
3. 03 May 2017 jerome walter (0) ft 991 pa bias setting View article
4. 27 Feb 2017 Randal Dean (2) This post is not really helpful View article
5. 20 Jan 2017 thomas ailes (1) 911A MARS CAP mod
6. 11 Jun 2016 Kevin Berry (6) Expanded VHF Frequencies:
7. 12 Mar 2016 Anonymous (1) Screen shots in English vsn View article
8. 01 Mar 2016 Dirk Thelen (2) Power Yaesu FT-991
9. 01 Feb 2016 Anonymous (0) ft 991 rptr tone enc View article
10. 22 Dec 2015 Radek (3) Service Menu on FT-991 - how save it? View article
11. 19 Dec 2015 Anonymous (1) yeasu FT991
12. 15 Nov 2015 PETER FINCH (19) MARS-CAP Mod, VHF/UHF
13. 16 Oct 2015 Anonymous (0) Early S/N problem only ? View article
14. 31 Jul 2015 Lloyd (5) More Details on control board location View article
15. 07 May 2015 modzy (0) he message is related to an article als
16. 09 Apr 2015 rodger (1) ft-991 mars/cap View article
17. 26 Mar 2015 Anonymous (2) CNTL Unit Board
18. 05 Mar 2015 Alan (0) TTBF View article
19. 21 Jan 2015 Anonymous (8) Cannot locate the Control Unit anywhere!

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