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15 Aug 2016Midland WR-120 Power Supply Mod
13 Mar 2015AM/FM frequency mod on Midland 8001XT
30 Oct 2014Power mod for Midland/Alan 100+b
23 Feb 2014Alan KW520: What the potmeters do
20 May 2012Modification fopr Alan 48 XL multi
24 Nov 2010Midland BASE CAMP 446 power mod
08 Sep 2010Alan K205 or similar DC Power Supplies no output voltage
13 Sep 2009Midland basecamp 446 for 69 LPD channels
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Date Author Subject
1. 17 Jan 2016 Axell Andersen (0) midland 13-723
2. 03 Aug 2015 Mark Elbourn (0) CT790
3. 13 May 2015 Luc Dogge (0) Equal to Diamond SX-600 View article
4. 29 Dec 2013 Slim (0) Midland/Alan G1101 (RM70) Info needed
5. 09 Nov 2009 Mike (0) midland XT-511(US) View article
6. 27 Sep 2009 Anonymous (0) Midland Base Camp 446 View article

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