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24 Dec 2013Second external receiver with antenna switching on IC-7700
11 Mar 2009Expansion of the 40 m band only
31 Jan 2009Tuning encoder failure for Icom 7700
20 Jun 2008TX/RX Frequency expansion of IC-7700
23 Mar 2008Wide TX IC-7700
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Date Author Subject
1. 30 May 2017 Anonymous (0) IC-7700 US Expantion
2. 27 Apr 2017 Frank Lee (0) icom IC-7700 TX MOD USA VERSION QUESTION?
3. 27 Apr 2017 Frank Lee (0) ICOM IC-7700 TX MOD USA VERSION DIODES
4. 27 Apr 2017 Frank Lee (0) ICOM IC-7700 TX MOD USA VERSION DIODES
5. 27 Feb 2016 Ron Valastin (1) IC-7700 tx expansion??
6. 11 Jan 2014 Horst Bergmann (0) Substitute 1SS355 diodes with 1N4148 View article
7. 30 Nov 2012 stuart ferguson (0) ICOM 7700 JAP VERSION WIDEBAND TX INFO NEEDED
8. 19 Nov 2012 stuart ferguson (0) icom ic 7700 jap version
9. 11 Mar 2009 LORENZO TABARACCI (0) IC-7700 - 40 M expansion band 7000-7200
10. 18 Oct 2008 Anonymous (0) Open TX 100kHz - 60 MHz View article
11. 11 Aug 2008 Ingo Harm (0) Modify the IC-7700 View article
12. 09 Jul 2008 camillo vitali (3) TX/RX frequency expansion of ic 7700 View article

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