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19 Feb 2017IC-7800 diode matrix information sheet
17 Nov 2014Side tone, and TX monitor audio at fixed level on ACC-bus for IC-7800
15 Jan 2012Replacing the IC-7800 Reference Oscillator
14 Mar 2009IC-7800 as remote, (Ghost image 37khz below center freq. Technical service bullitin).
09 Feb 200640 meter (7.2 MHz) mod for IC-7800
24 Oct 2004General Coverage Transmit Mod for the IC-7800
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Date Author Subject
1. 15 Jul 2017 Anonymous (0) icom 7800
2. 15 Sep 2014 Heinz Bolli (0) IC-7800 Power Supply noise
3. 04 Nov 2013 Claude Serres. (4) IC7800 Reg Unit Diagram
4. 19 Jan 2012 Tom McClure (0) Additional...IC7800 vs R9500 View article
5. 18 Jan 2012 Tom McClure (0) ICOM IC-7800 vs R9500 View article
6. 10 Feb 2006 Anonymous (0) As requested, the english transation View article
7. 10 Feb 2006 Tom McClure (0) '40 meter (7.2 MHz) mod for IC-7800' View article

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