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Term and conditions for donation to mods.dk

When you donate an amount to mods.dk, this will give you extra access, such as unlimited access to all the articles and messages, and download 5 manuals daily.
If there occur technical difficult mods.dk reserve the right to change the number of daily downloads without any warning.

When you donate the amount by paypal.com to your account it will be credit immediately, under conditions that your follow the instructions on the screen. If you send an eCheck there will be an exception since the amount from PayPal will not be released before PayPal approved the eCheck. Typical there will go 3 - 4 business days before the eCheck will be released.

Even you have donate an amount to mods.dk, mods.dk can't be responsible if there occurred technical problem or difficult on mods.dk so you can't access mods.dk and the result will be that you can't enjoy the extra feature.

Donations to mods.dk does not include any support for the articles, messages or manuals that is available for download, the donation is only a free choice to support the operation of mods.dk. If help is needed then contact the author of the article or message.

Before you begin the donation read the quick donation guide before you do any thing. This is to secure that when you donate the amount by paypal.com your donation is registered correctly in mods.dk system.

By click here you accept the tem and condition.

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